Technical Assistance (TA)

    The purpose of the Technical Assistance (TA) activities is to implement the VR Program Management Model. Phase One of TA will be delivered to the seven Partner State VR agencies and Phase Two of TA will be delivered to up to ten additional state VR agencies. The RTAC TA and research teams will work together to ensure that the TA is reflective of the previously conducted research.

    A quality TA intervention will consist of:

    -Evaluating the overall VR agency performance, identifying improvement opportunities and establishing strategies, goals and objectives;

    -Comparing current practices and capacity with the model blueprint to identify areas of existing resources as well as need areas;

    -Disagggregating overall performance results and setting program priorities;

    -Identifying and understanding the drivers of performance;

    -Planning the implementation of performance improvement opportunities, setting standards of performance and allocating resources;

    -Identifying outcome measures to measure effectiveness of the intervention;

    -Specifying delivery and fulfillment requirements;

    -Fulfilling and delivering the plan.

    TA will be delivered via in-person and distance methods with additional support from TACE centers. On-site visits will be interspersed with long-distance telephone and email TA. On-site visits will be utilized during the initial period with subsequent TA activities delivered from a distance. Distance methods will include phone contact, phone and web conferences, and email. Local TACE centers be involved with follow-up based on the RTAC TA methods.


    For more information about technical assistance, please contact:

    Senior Program Manager
    Institute for Community Inclusion
    (503) 331-0687