Literature Review of Quality Assurance, Human Resource Management, and Strategic Planning

Project Description

The purpose of the literature review was to define the key areas of concentration in Quality Assurance (QA), Human Resource Management (HRM), and Strategic Planning (SP). These areas were examined based on the premise that improved management practices will lead to improve VR performance indicators. VR-RTAC researchers worked in collaboration with the Advisory Committee and consultants to identify and target the focus of literature reviews to specific content areas.

ICI along with consultants, InfoUse and Cornell, two ICI partners, looked into SP, QA, and HRM, respectively. Criteria required considered literature to:

  • be written in the English language 
  • be produced (published or unpublished) between 1999 (starting date) and 2009 (end date)
  • include data on organizational outcomes
  • utlize research methods that meet the criteria for methodological quality.

Researchers identified 13,000 potential studies and narrowed this to 1,500 that met criteria for inclusion. Literature was found through a variety of sources including: electronic database searching, hand searching of key journals, searching of specialist websites, using general search engines on the Internet such as "Google" and "Google Scholar."