Research Activities

Literature Review of Quality Assurance, Human Resource Management, and Strategic Planning
Researchers conducted systematic reviews of effective practices in each management capacity of the private and public sector that may have utility in VR.  The products of these reviews include descriptive summaries of evidence linking viable management practices across sectors.
Case Studes of Practices
Researchers conducted case studies to observe practices in situ, leading to the development of knowledge to be incorporated into the management model for VR.  Case study site visits were completed at eight VR agencies in seven states from June to September 2011. For more information, please see the study fact sheet (.pdf).
For additional information about the site visits and RTAC research activities, please see the presentation Toward a Model of VR Program Management.

Request for Interest in Participating in a Research Project: Improving VR Program Management
Letter of Intent Due: December 14, 2012
Materials Due: January 18, 2013
The purpose of this research project is to assist VR agencies to test out an approach that will improve the ability to identify performance or workforce development issues, develop and implement solutions and determine the impact of their efforts. The RTAC intends to support up to eight State VR Agencies working on a management or leadership issue that utilizes the components of the VR Performance Management Framework. Interested parties are encouraged to identify a project that can be completed in 12 months, would benefit from peer-to-peer exchange, and can be evaluated by the achievement of a specific outcome. The RTAC will be guided by the VR Performance Management Framework and use a Learning Collaborative process.
Download the Request for Interest (.doc) (.pdf) and view the accompanying presentation.